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Top Career Options for Math Students in 2022

Are you interested in knowing your career possibilities after receiving your math degree? Here are a few math-related careers to consider.
Statisticians help to collect, arrange, and analyze data to support business decision-making and reduce organizational risk factors.
Average Salary: INR 3 - 10 LPA
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Data analysts analyze the data to look for trends, danger signs, leaks, and other things.
Average Salary: INR 8 - 15 LPA
Data Analyst
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CA are in charge of tax return filing, account audits, financial statement preparation, and financial counselling.
Average salary: 10 LPA
Chartered Accountant
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Investment bankers help firms and governments handle financial issues by providing strategic guidance.
Average Salary: INR 10.5 LPA
Investment Banker
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They help organisations manage a massive amount of data, and they can make sense of it thanks to their knowledge and skills.
Average Salary: INR 10 LPA
Data Scientist
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It involves learning about space through study, travel, and observation.
Average salary: INR 8 - 15 LPA
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Blockchain software developers construct applications and are in charge of front-end and back-end development, design, and maintenance.
Average Salary: 15 LPA
Blockchain Developer
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