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Top 7 Career Options After 12th Science

Wondering which is the best career to pursue after 12th science? Here are the top 7 career options that you can consider.
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Involves in-depth study & application of science concepts in several research fields. One can opt for B.Sc in Maths, Physics, Aviation, etc.
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Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)
It requires students to clear exams like JEE Mains or BITSAT. The specialisations are Computer Science, Civil, & Mechanical, among others.  
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Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)
This 4-year course provides deeper insights into theoretical engineering concepts. B.E. specialisations are similar to that of the B.Tech course.
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Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)
B.Arch coursework involves historical architecture, design, structural analysis, etc. It includes 4 years of study with a 1-year internship.
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Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA)
Gives insights into coding, software development, and basics of computer hardware. Also, offers great scope in the IT sector with higher pay scales.
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Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
A 3-year degree that provides extensive knowledge of basic management and business administration concepts.
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Merchant Navy Courses
The best option for those interested in international trade, cargo, or sea travel. Some courses include Nautical Science, Marine Catering, & more. 
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