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Top 6 Swayam Certification Courses for 2023

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What are SWAYAM Courses?
The SWAYAM courses is an online free resource platform for students and teachers as well. The platform is run by the top IIT and IIM colleges from all over India.
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List of Top SWAYAM Courses
Find the list of top 6 SWAYAM courses for the upcoming year 2023.
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Bio Chemistry of Bio Molecules
This course will help you learn more about the fundamentals and complex ideas related to biochemistry. This is a 16-week online free course.
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This online course will help you understand the basics and advanced concepts through a 12-week course. IISc Bangalore is running the program.
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ICT in Rehabilitation
This 6-week online course is curated to help understand the needs of specially-abled people. CBR Network is running the program.
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Library and Information Services
This certification course is structured to provide an in-depth understanding of the technology through the modern-day library. This is a 16-week program being run by IIT Delhi.
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Peace and Conflict Management
Based on the current social scenario and emerging issues, this online course's trend is rising high. This course teaches us about peace, human development, and related issues in a 6 months.
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Action Research
This is a 24-week long online course that provides a crucial understanding of integrated teaching and problem-solving skills. NCERT is providing this SWAYAM course.
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