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Top 5 Reasons To Select IIM, Bangalore

Read through to know why students choose IIM Bangalore over IIM A and IIM C.
Despite being regarded as the "third IIM" after IIMA and IIMC, IIMB has made significant strides in the recent 5–6 years, and so it is a strong contender for the title of "best-IIM."
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IIMB is without a doubt the IIM of choice for faculty in India and faculty moving into India." Over the past 20 years, many faculty members at IIMB have turned down offers from IIMA and IIMC
Strong Faculty Line-up
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IIMB has at least 4-6 executive programmes operating concurrently. This leads into IIMB faculty being, more adaptable when interacting with various business groups.
Executive Program
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The fact that IIMB situated in the Startup capital is an additional benefit. The location allows teachers and students to be more active with Bangalore's thriving startup scene.
Startup Capital
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World-class facilities at IIMB enable excellence in education, research, consulting, and other professional pursuits. IIMB offers a far superior on campus and off campus learning opportunity.
Infrastructure Facilities
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IIMB students get a good exposure, as they have opportunities to do short projects with the startup/ incubates as part of their course and gain some experience before they graduate from the institute.
Brand and Exposure
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