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Top 5 Questions to Ask After Your Interview

Are you planning to attend an interview soon? Here are the top 5 questions to ask your interviewer!
After interviews, candidates often respond with a no when asked if they have any questions. To have an upper edge in getting selected, candidates must ask certain questions regarding the position they are there for.
Why Ask Questions After An Interview?
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Asking questions after the interview not only leaves a mark on the interviewer, but the interviewee can also get a clarification on what they are expected of. 
Questions to Ask Interviewer
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Asking this question will help the candidates learn more about the tasks involved in the particular job position and the expected results. The hiring managers encourage such questions.
1. What Do They Expect of the Candidate in This Job Role?
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Candidates are advised to ask this follow-up question to clarify the future tasks that can be added to the job role. However, the hiring manager tends to dodge these questions. This can also help them with salary negotiations.
2. Will the Expectations of the Candidate Change Over Time?
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Asking this question helps candidates understand the company's working culture. They can understand the schedules, work patterns followed by the employees, and added perks of the job.
3. What Does a Typical Working Day at the Company Looks Like?
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This particular query has two main objectives. Firstly, the candidates can learn about the stability the particular job can offer them. Secondly, it shows their interest in the business and desire for a long-lasting partnership.
4. Where Does the Company Envision To Be In Five Years?
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Candidates who ask this question can come across as positive people who are determined to get hired. It also shows the confidence and self-esteem of the candidates.
5. What is the Next Step in the Selection Procedure?
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