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Top 5 Government Scholarships to Fund Your Education in 2022

Scholarships are a great source of financial assistance to candidates who wish to pursue higher education. Tap to know the top 5 scholarships offered by the Government.
The Central and State governments offer scholarships to students at different levels of their education.
Types of Government Scholarships
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Students with high merit, whose family income is less than INR 6 lacs, are eligible to receive this scholarship.
Central Sector Scholarship Scheme
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All India Council for Technical Education offers financial aid to female students who belong to a family with 2 girl children.
AICTE Pragati Scholarship
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AICTE offers specially-abled students, with more than 40% disability, this scholarship on behalf of the Ministry of Education.
AICTE Saksham Scholarship
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Sports Authority of India offers merit-based scholarships to students older than 18 with high sports achievements.
Sports Scholarships
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Students in the EWS category under minority communities are offered this scholarship based on merit.
Post Matric Scholarships for Minorites
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Find detailed information on the Government Scholarships offered in 2022 on GMU Website!
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