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Top 5 Engineering Colleges in Bangalore

Among many engineering colleges all over the state, here is the list of top 5 Engineering colleges in Bangalore based on NIRF 2022 ranking.
1. Ramaiah Institute of Technology
2. IIIT Bengaluru
3. BMS College of Engineering
4. R V College of Engineering
5. PES University

Top 5 Engineering Colleges In Bangalore
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Institute has 26 departments and offers various opportunities with 46 industrial collaborations. 

1. Ramaiah Institute of Technology (NIRF 67)
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There are more than 1200 publications and 178 research scholars thus making the institute a great choice for research enthusiasts.  

2. IIIT Bangalore (NIRF 81)
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Institute has 19 departments and offers various electives to its students to choose from. BMSCE also has MoUs thats warrants a good research background.

3. BMS College of Engineering (NIRF 83)
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15 departments at the Institute  include major specialisations and electives that helps students for future industrial and research collaborations.

4. R.V. College of Engineering (NIRF 89)
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With its 7 engineering departments, University prepares its students for all challenges and opportunities.

5. PES University (NIRF 100)
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