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Top 5 Dos and Don'ts in an Interview

Let's have a run down on how to ace an interview with do's and don'ts.
Get into research about the company and find out about them. Learn about their growth and progress over last five years.
Do your home work
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Be confident, but do not exaggerate it. Do not lack confidence however, as this will undermine the impression you are attempting to convey.
Keep your Confidence in check
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Perform a SWOT analysis and sell your strength and Opportunities as this can make or break your chance to land the job.
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Make sure you statements and facts are true as they maybe cross-checked to find if anything has been falsified or not. A falsified information may lead to being black-listed.
Factual Information
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Remember that there is a - Code of Conduct- that should always be maintained by the candidate. 
Maintain Ethics
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Always listen to what the employers have to say and respond accordingly. Do not exaggerate. 
Listen and Respond
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