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Top 5 Design Courses in 2023

Read through to find out the best design course to take up in 2023!
Design, as a career, is trendy among students having a creative flair. Read through to know the top 5 courses best for a candidate looking for a career in design.
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Foundation in Global Design
The one-year global design course is geared toward anyone interested in learning more about the various design disciplines (product, interiors, fashion, graphics, advertising, and marketing).
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Design Basics Online Course
The fundamental features of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are covered in the course. As your abilities and self-assurance grow, so will your understanding  of the  advantages and disadvantages.
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Business, Design & Innovation
This course by Universitat de Vic, Spain, covers the fundamental theory of working on actual case studies. Some of the sessions are best for business and design industry professionals. 
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Design for Impact and Inclusion
It is 5 days online course by the University of Fashion - Online Fashion Design School. It is an online course, best for beginners.
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Fashion Product Development & Technical Design - Online Lessons
Throughout this course, students will get the information and abilities necessary to thrive in interior, retail, and exhibition design positions. One can develop, deliver, and present their design projects.
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