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Top 5 Career Options After JEE Mains

Looking for the best job after JEE Mains. Here you go!
JEE Main is conducted for admission to UG engineering courses at IIITs, NITs, CFTIs, & other colleges. It serves as an eligibility exam for JEE Advanced for admissions to IITs.
JEE Mains
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After completing JEE Mains and graduating from your choice of university, there are plenty of career options. Here are 5 career options to pursue.
Career Options
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To maintain the highest standards of health and safety, they keep an eye on the ship, monitor and maintain safety and superintend the operation of deck machineries like winches and cranes.
1. Merchant Navy
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They are tasked with performing sophisticated intrusion tests on a company's system to look for any security holes or flaws.
2. Ethical Hacking
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To decide what evidence should be gathered and how, they analyze crime scenes. The crime scene and the proof should both be photographed.
3. Forensic Science
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They are respnsible for making flight arrangements, conducting pre-flight inspections, safety and flight rules and coordinating with air traffic management to ensure a safe takeoff and landing.
4. Aviation
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They work on construction detailing, construction techniques, zoning and building regulations, as well as building materials and systems.
5. Architect
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