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Top 5 Career change options that pay well

Looking for career change options? We've reviewed some of the top options for starting a new job.
These are tech-savvy, creative individuals who engage in social media engagement and curate tactics to enhance brand perception. Average Salary: INR 70K - 100K
Social Media Director
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To maintain high production, they create organizational rules for selecting, enlisting, educating, and keeping elite employees.
Average Salary: INR 60K - 90K
HR Manager
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They map out the sequential steps for creating software that users will enjoy using virtual models and flowcharts.
 Average Salary: INR 90K - 110K
Software Developer
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They are responsible for things like setting competitive rates and conducting market research for brands image and influencers. Average Salary: INR 50K - 105K
Marketing Manager
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These are individuals who chronicle their lives, experiences, travels, and/or essentially anything pertaining to them.
Average Salary: INR 70K - 120K
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To raise additional money from contributors, they plan events like marathons, auctions, galas, craft sales, competitions, and telethons. Average Salary- INR 50K - 90K.
Fundraising Manager
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