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Top 5 Air Hostess Courses after 12th

Planning to sore high in the sky? Confused how to go about it? What to pursue and where? Let us guide you through your delusions. Here are the top 5 air hostess courses to pursue after 12th.
The three-year B.Sc. in Aviation undergraduate programme teaches students everything they need to know about aircraft, including how they are built, how they fly, and how to maintain them.
B.Sc Aviation
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The course is aimed at familiarising students with the aspects of Tourism Industry and imparting necessary skills, ideas and values required in the industry. It is a three year undegraduate course.
BBA Tracel and Tourism

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The course a year long aqimed at providing the necessary skills required in airport management. The course trains thhe students to develop thier skills in case of battle competencies.
Diploma in Aviation

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The course is genrally for 3 to 8 months. Candidates are required to haave skills such as clear voice, calm, polite, common snese, welcoming manners, adaptability, responsive, punctual, efficient, team work, etc.
Certificate Course in Air Hostess/Flight Pursuer

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The certififcate deals with teachnical and operational management of aviation industry. The course is offered in only selected institutions across the world.
Certificate in Night Rating

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