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Top 5 AI Courses you Should Learn in 2023

Read through to know the 5 best Artificial Intelligence course to take up in 2023.
Artificial intelligence, which is often described as the ability of a machine to simulate intelligent human behaviour, refers to applications of technology to accomplish human cognitive function activities.
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This course by Coursera is a good fit for a comprehensive view of AI. In addition, this is a good fit for a thorough analysis of AI, its capabilities, common misunderstandings, and advantages.
AI For Everyone
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This course by Udacity includes several projects that put your newly acquired knowledge from each session to the test. These projects will give you essential portfolio material and evidence of your learned AI abilities.
Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree
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This course by edx provides a solid understanding of traditional computer science topics as AI is a branch of CS. This course has sections on C and Python programming, so it is an intermediate-level course.
Professional Certificate in Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence
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This course is by Coursera and is an intermediate-level course. All coding is done with Python and a machine learning framework, like PyTorch or Tensorflow.
Deep Learning Specialization
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Self-Driving Cars with Duckietown course by edx is an intermediate-level course with a 4.9 rating. It is best for learners who have a strong interest in autonomous driving and enjoy a hands-on learning
Self-Driving Cars with Duckietown
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