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Top 10 Nursing Colleges in Punjab

Punjab has some of the best nursing colleges to offers in the country. Here are some of the 10 best colleges for nursing in Punjab.
Sigma Institute of Nursing for G.N.M. was founded in 2007, and B.Sc. Nursing was founded in 2018. The I.N.C. and S.G.G.U. both recognise the Institute.
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Sigma Nursing Traning Institute
The SGL Nursing Institute is committed to teaching and serving the nursing community. The institute is accredited by the PNRC and the I.N.C, and it is affiliated with Baba Farid University in Punjab.
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SGL Nursing School
Mother Mary's Institute of Nursing is a modern and well-equipped nursing college in Punjab that offers a variety of courses that are affiliated.
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Mother Mary Institute of Nursing
MISN was established with the goal of improving disease prevention and treatment, as well as keeping people fit and healthy. The main degrees offered at the college are ANM and GNM Nursing.
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Majha International School of Nursing
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Life Guard Nursing Institute
In 2004, the Life Guard Medical, Social Welfare, and Educational Society was founded. The society has been promoted by a group of Doctors and Educators who are driven by a strong sense of social responsibility.
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GHG College of Nursing
The GHG College of Nursing aims to bridge the gap between employment-oriented, competent, and professional education in nursing research and scholarships.
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Desh Bhakt Institute of Nursing
Desh Bhagat Institute of Nursing is located in Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab, India. DBIN is a Private college that was founded in 2004. The Indian Nursing Council (INC) of the Punjab government has accredited the college.
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Dasmesh College of Nursing
Dasmesh College of Nursing was founded by the Sangat Sahib Bhai Pheru Sikh Educational Society, which was founded to provide education to people of all faiths. The Punjab Government recognises the college.
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Colonel School of Nursing
It is an international heritage and educational society-sponsored college. This organization's primary goal is to run an educational and professional institution.
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Bhai Gurudas Institute of Nursing
Bhai Gurudas Institute of Nursing provides innovative opportunities for cutting-edge approaches to Medical Education and Nursing with the assistance of skilled Educators.
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