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Top 10 IITs based on your JEE Main score

Now that JEE Main scores are out, let's look for best IITs for you.
Based on their recent NIRF ranking, here are top 10 IITs for you with few fun facts.
Top 10 IITs
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Aside from being top IIT in the country, IIT Madras is known for its rich greenery and will have deers and blackbuck visiting you in campus.
NIRF 1: IIT Chennai
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IIT Delhi is known for its ECE, EE and ME departments and also for its super quizzes and various societies and clubs for all students.
NIRF 2: IIT Delhi
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IIT Bombay is known not only for its Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, but also for first female IITian.
NIRF 3: IIT Bombay
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IIT Kanpur has a dedicated Aeronautical Engineering department, so much so that institute has its own runway for study and research purposes.
NIRF 4: IIT Kanpur
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With the largest campus that is more than 3 times of Vatican City, IIT Kharagpur ranks at number 5 and is known for CSE and ECE.
NIRF 5: IIT Kharagpur
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Est. in 1847, IIT Roorkee was earlier named as Thomson College of Civil Engineering and was the first engineering college of Asia
NIRF 6: IIT Roorkee
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With 11 boys hostels and 2 girls hostels, IIT Guwahati is among the most beautiful college campuses in India.
NIRF 7: IIT Guwahati
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Known for its research background, there are more than 500 research projects going on at any time at IIT Hyderabad.
NIRF 8: IIT Hyderabad
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Est. on lines of Royal school of Mines in London, IIT Dhanbad was formerly known as Indian School of Mines and sits on the Coal Belt of the country.
NIRF 11: IIT Dhanbad
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IIT Indore one of the very few "New IITs" with such a high NIRF ranking and offers best of curriculum.
NIRF 13: IIT Indore
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