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Top 10 Government Polytechnic Colleges in Andhra Pradesh

Here's a list of the Top 10 Government Polytechnic Colleges in Andhra Pradesh out of the several nationally admired ones
Established in 2008, and is already an elite State Institute for Civil, Mechanical, Electronics & Computer Engineering.
Government Polytechnic Pillaripattu.
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SV Government Polytechnic, Tirupati.

Established in 1956 & is one of the oldest Institutes for Technical Education in Andhra Pradesh.

Bapatla Polytechnic College,

Offers programs in Electrical & Electronics, Electrical & Communications, and Mechanical Engineering. Located in Guntur.

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Government Polytechnic For Women, Hindupur.
Provides courses in Civil, Electronics & Communication Engineering. Located near Guddam Temple, Hindupur.

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Established in 2009, it has already made a name for itself. The Polytechnic is AICTE Approved & Affiliated to SBTE&T.

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Government Polytechnic, Uravakonda.
Government Polytechnic, Dharamavaram.
Established in 2008, at Tarakaramapuram, the college offers excellence in Technical Educational Courses.

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Government Polytechnic, Anantapur
Admired Polytechnic in the state of Andhra Pradesh, offering various courses in Engineering.

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Andhra Polytechnic College, Kakinada.
Established in 1946 by the Madras State Government. The College is one of the highly-rated institutes in the state.

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GIET Polytechnic College

Offers the most diverse Polytechnic Courses, ranging from automobile engineering to mining engineering.

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PVKK Institute of Technology
Offers state-of-the-art Polytechnic amenities & courses in Civil, Electronics, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering.

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