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Top 10 Courses to Choose after NEET 2022

Here is a list of the top ten courses that students can pursue after giving the NEET 2022 exam.
Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery is a five-year UG medical degree course that deals with imparting the right knowledge for students to conduct diagnoses, find treatment and medicines, and perform surgeries.
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BPT is a four-and-a-half year UG degree course that deals with the science of physical movement and channelizing to prevent disability and diseases of movement.
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BSMS is a four and half-year long undergraduate degree that deals with the ancient practice of Siddha medicine for providing an alternative to the allopathic medicinal approach.
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BHMS course is an undergraduate program with a course duration of 5.5 years that deals with homoeopathic medicine.
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BAMS is a 5.5 year-long full-time undergraduate course that deals with the integrated concept of modern medical science and traditional medicines, i.e. Ayurveda.
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Diploma in Optometry in India is a two-year pre-undergraduate diploma course that deals with the different concepts of eye health, diseases, diagnosis, and treatment of human eyes.
Diploma In Optometry
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It is a diploma degree that deals with the study of prevention and curing people with this common disease Diabetes mellitus or commonly known as Diabetes.
Diploma In Diabetology
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It deals with studying the traditional healing and health maintenance system, the Perso-Arabic system of medicine based on the teachings of the Greek physicians Hippocrates and Galen.
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BNYS is a five and half years full-time undergraduate course that deals with specialization in Ayurvedic studies and Yogic science.
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DLO is a two-year-long diploma course that deals with the diseases and afflictions regarding the ear, nose, and throat, which is also called ENT, for short.
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There are a wide range of career opportunities that are available to the students after the NEET exam. To keep up with all the latest updates on NEET, swipe up!
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