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Top 10 BSC Agriculture in Andhra Pradesh

Planning to pursue B.Sc in Agriculture? Continue reading to find out top 10 colleges in Andhra Pradesh.
Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam
University offers a diverse range of courses in the diploma, UG, PG, and doctoral sectors, and allowing students to develop necessary skills for life.
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Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur
Sri Krishnadevaraya University is another good option for students to consider. They offer various courses along with B.Sc in Agriculture.
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Besant Theosophical College, Chittoor
Besant Theosophical College, established in 1917, is one of the oldest colleges in the Rayalaseema region. It is a well-respected college in Andhra Pradesh.
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Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur
Acharya Nagarjuna University is a state university in the Guntur district. The college not only focuses on studies but also on sports and cultural events.
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CAE, Guntur
College of Agricultural Engineering is considered one of the best colleges in Andhra Pradesh for students who wish to pursue Agricultural Science.
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SSSIHL, Anantapur
SSSIHL is considered a unique university. They take pride in their need-based curricula, values-oriented teaching and associated public service component.
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UHS, Bagalkot
University of Horticultural Sciences is a public university exclusively dedicated to the study and research of Horticultural Sciences.
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Dr YSR HU, Tadepalligudem
Dr. Y.S.R. Horticultural University, formerly Andhra Pradesh Horticultural University, is a state university located at Tadepalligudem.
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SDMSM, Guntur
Sri Durga Malleswari Siddhartha Mahila Kalasala- [SDMSM], Guntur, is a prestigious university known for its faculty and infrastructure.
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SVAC, Tirupati
SVAC, Tirupati was established in the year 1961. It is a prestigious university in AP and known for its faculty and infrastructure.
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