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TOEFL Exam Dates 2022

Looking to find out the TOFEL Exam Dates for 2022? Read on to get all details!
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ETS allows students to choose TOEFL exam dates throughout the year according to their convenience. Candidates should plan adequately and choose their exam date.
Can Apply Through Out The Year
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TOEFL exam is conducted worldwide over 50 times a year, at about 4500 exam centres.
50 Times Of Year
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The exact TOEFL exam dates are notified on the TOEFL website. Candidates can appear for the exam 5 times a year by paying the TOEFL exam fee each time.
TOFEL Exam Dates
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There should be a gap of 21 days between consecutive TOEFL Tests if candidates plan on taking the second test.
Taking The Second Test
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ETS TOEFL even provides an option for students to reschedule their scheduled exams. But the students have to reschedule the exam 4 days before the given exam date.
Rescheduling Exam
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