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Tips To Solve MCQs in CAT Exam

How can you pass MCQ tests? Let's look at some advice for answering MCQs in the CAT Exam.
Take a buffer time of 10 minutes to go through the questions and read them carefully.
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Read Thoroughly
Know which questions you can answer, then choose those. Rather than pondering potential solutions, this can save time.
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Analyze and Pick
Sometimes the right answer can be within the question, so read carefully and look for the clue.
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Grab the Clue
Options like both or none of the above are diplomatic; use them carefully, as they can make or break the answer.
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Probable Options
If you do not know the answer, leave it blank. CAT does not have a negative marking for blank questions.
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Avoid Guesswork
Solve questions from previous years mock papers. This can give a viewpoint on time management and comprehension ability for MCQs.
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Practice Makes Anyone Perfect
MCQs should be revised. Always go through the paper and see if you have made an error.
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