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Tips To Score More Than 95 Marks In CBSE 12th Chemistry

Are You Preparing for Your 12th Boards And Afraid of Chemistry? Sneak In Here to Get Amazing tips to Score Good.
Importance of Chemistry in 12th
There are various subjects involved in the 12th boards exam. Chemistry is one of them. The Chemistry paper is of a total of 100 marks, which makes it very important to cover.
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Tips to Score High
Students must follow these tips and tricks to score high in the Chemistry subject. Following these tips will help the candidates score 95 marks out of 100 in the exam.
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Create Formula List
Formulas account for a good weightage in the exam. Prepare the numerical and formula charts and paste it near your study table. Revise it every now and then to memorize things strongly.
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Inorganic Chemistry
Give time to 'Inorganic Chemistry' section. This section comprises for 7-8 marks, and thus cannot be ignored. Go through the p, d, and f blocks, as they are more important.  
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Organic Chemistry
Solve intext and exercise questions of Organic Chemistry to understand them better. Reactions are easier to learn and will help you score better.
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Focus on Practical Test
The 12th Board Chemistry exam includes Theory and Practical papers both. The practical paper is for 30 marks. Students must try to score 27-28 to increase the overall score.
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Write, Write, Write!
Yes, surveys claim that we remember 70% more and for a longer period, if we write and visualize things. Revision will help you clarify doubts and help more in the 12th boards.
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Important Chemistry Topics
Here are few most important topics from Chemistry which  will help you score 95+ in the exam.
1. Biomolecules
2. Polymers
3. Coordination Compound
4. Surface Chemistry
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