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Tips to Score More Than 90 Marks in CBSE 12th Physics

Do you know that only hard work is not the key to score 90%+ score? You have to do some smart work with your hard work. Read more.
Candidates should create a strategy for covering every topic and establish study/revision objectives to keep track of their progress.
Proper Study Plan
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The CBSE board endorses NCERT as the authoritative textbook. However, if you feel that the NCERT reading material is insufficient for preparing for the CBSE Class 12 Physics exam, then refer to other publications.
Selection of Textbooks
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The important topics of physics class 12 CBSE are electrostatics, magnetism, electromagnetic induction, and optics.  A sizable portion of questions is frequently based on these areas.
Smart Technique
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Complete the paper within the allotted time. Try to maintain and increase your speed so you can answer questions precisely. Again, time management is the key.
Time Management
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Understanding the physics derivations. Make a comprehensive list of all deductions, calculations, and analyses in your prospectus and retain it.
Formulae & Derivation
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Learn, revise & solve as many CBSE class 12 physics previous year papers as you can. Then, when you practice more, you will get a better idea of the question & the exam pattern.
Revision Technique
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