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Tips to Score 95% in CBSE Class 10th Math Exam

Let's have a quick run-down on how you can score 95% in CBSE Math Exam.
Math requires separate preparation. Make sure to take time from all the other subjects for Math.
Make a Schedule
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Divide which one needs more practice and time. It helps in saving time and focusing more on tricky equations.
Create a Flow Chart
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The formulas on the chart can be memorized to help with the test. You can use it to find the formulas while practicing as well.
Prepare a Formula Chart
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Keep track of the chapters which  need more time and effort and concentrate on them. This will make the last day seem less stressful.
Pick Out the Improvement Area
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Since mathematics requires a lot of concentration, start preparing at least five months in advance. Last-minute planning is useless.
Make the Preparations Earlier
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To increase your general preparedness and confidence level, try to solve as many questions from last year's exams.
Use Solved Papers
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Note down what mistakes you make and learn from them. This is a crucial step for improvement.
Learn From your Mistakes
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