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Tips To Score 95+ in CBSE 12th Maths

Read through to know the tips and trick to score 95+ in CBSE 12th Maths!
Plan to constantly stay in contact with the subject and fully comprehend the syllabus at least 6-7 months prior. It is vital to plan and distribute chapters systematically.
Plan Beforehand
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Pay more attention to the touch topics, and start with the tough chapters to have enough time to be thorough conceptually.
Pay More Attention To The Touch Topics
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Keep a separate notebook to list all the important formulas by chapter. This will make it easier to remember the key details of each chapter and will be helpful.
Formula Notebook
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Studying the chapters that would take more time and effort will help students get better over time with a better sense of readiness for test day.
Identify The Areas of Improvement
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Pay close attention to the key processes to arrive at a solution. Students will receive full credit if they outline their procedures to arrive at a solution.
Step by Step Approach
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Graphs and figures are quite mark-fetching. Make sure that the graphical representations of questions are done in an orderly manner.
Graphs and Constructions
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