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Tips To Score 95+ in CBSE 12th Humanities

Take a look at these tips to score a get on 95 and above in CBSE 12th Humanities. Tap to know more.
The Humanities comprise of several discipline such as Sociology, Economics, History, Geography. These disciplines teach us about culture, land, traditions and past lives.
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What Subjects Constitute Humanities?
Take a look at these tips to secure a good score in Humanities.
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Tips For Scoring 95+ in CBSE Humanities
It is important to get a clear view of what to study and devising a map is the best way to figure things out. Mapping will let you find you way even during the last hour of revision.
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1. Map Out the Important Parts
Equal and undivided attention is required in each and every subject. This way you will be able to cover larger portions of every subjects.
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2. Give Proper Importance To Every Subject
Once the schedule is prepared, be consistent with it. This will help you in covering many subjects as possible.
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3. Be Consistent With Schedule
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So keep yourself motivated by taking a 20 mins break. Take a walk, listen to music or just stare at the clouds to relax and refresh your mind.
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4. Motivate Yourself
Instead of becoming lost in 100 additional reference books, consult a small number of manuals and practice as much as necessary with those manuals.
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5. Maximum Revision With Minimal Resources
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