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Tips To Score 95+ in CBSE 12th English

Planning to appear for CBSE 12th exam? Here are the tips to score above 95 in English exam!
The English paper for CBSE 12th exam consists of three sections. Section A is Reading, where a passage will be given, along with related questions. Section B is the writing section, where students are expected to write essays, articles, debates, or speeches based on the given topics. The literature questions constitute Section C.
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CBSE English Paper Pattern for Class 12
English is one of the subjects that can help students score high and increase their overall marks easily. Tap through to find the tips recommended by experts and previous year test-takers to score well on the English paper.
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Tips to Score 95+ in English Paper
Students must practice a minimum of one comprehension passage per day before the exam to be familiar with the questions asked and the basic pattern. This can help them find the answers easily without wasting much time.
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Read Many Comprehension Passages
For the writing section, students must be thorough with the formats/pattern for essay writing, articles, debates, and speeches. The marks are dependent on the format. Students must practice writing daily to increase their speed and improve their skills.
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Be Thorough With Pattern
The Literature section can help students score well as they know what topics the questions will be asked from. They must know the chapters well and be ready to answer all questions asked in the section.
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Learn Literature Chapters Well
By practicing the previous year's question papers, the students can become familiar with the type of questions asked and be more comfortable while writing the exam.
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Practice Previous Year Question Papers
Students must ensure that their writing is grammatically correct and that no spelling mistakes occur. They must write legibly since if the teachers cannot read what they have written, the scoring of the papers will be based on their assumptions. They must manage time well and complete the question paper.
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While Appearing For Exam
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