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Tips To Score 95+ in CBSE 12th Computer Science

Find important tips to score well in your 12th Computer Science exam
A major portion of Computer Science syllabus is practical based. Make sure to practice whatever you have studied. It will also help you with theoretical part of the course.
Practice your Theory
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Flash cards or cue cards are one of the best ways to learn important points.
They are a good way to revise the syllabus before exams.
Practice with Cue Cards
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Do not let the syllabus stress you. Make a proper planner for studies and give yourself enough time for revision.
Plan your Syllabus
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Practising last years' exam papers will give you an idea of format and marks distribution. This is very helpful for revision, learning time management and understanding the pattern for exam.
Practice Papers
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It's always better to know weaknesses. Find the topics that are difficult for you and pay more attention to them at the beginning of the preparation. this will help you avoid any stress during revision time.
Find your difficult topics
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