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Tips To Score 95+ in CBSE 12th Commerce

Here are the tips to make sure you earn those marks.
Make sure to make a study plan and cover all the important topics.
Plan Your Study Schedule
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Only text books may not be enough. Be sure to refer to extra reference books to understand difficult topics and devote enough time to understand the basics.
Reference Books
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Write all theĀ  important formulae and points in one notebook for quick revision and reference purposes.
Notebook Of Formulae
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A quick group study session will help you understand important points and ensure you are not missing out on any topic.
Group Studies
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Practice all kinds of calculations related to Accountancy and Maths. There is no verbal revision for these subjects. These are high-scoring subjects.
Practice Makes Perfect
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For English and Economics, basics are important. Grammar and laws are the base line of these subjects and would provide high scores.
Learn the Basics
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