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Tips to Prepare for UPSC Exams During Graduation

Are you preparing for the UPSC exams? Find few pre-prep tips here.
The UPSC exam is conducted to join the Civil Services as an IAS, IFS, or IPS officer.
All About UPSC
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The first and most crucial step is to understand the syllabus. However, everything under the sun is a part of the UPSC exam.
Know the Syllabus
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Yes! Listening to the previous batch's toppers will help you understand the strategies required.
Go Through Topper's Talk
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Since you're also giving time to your graduation course, online classes will help you save time.
Opt for Online Classes
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Generally, aspirants get attracted to advanced books. But first, start with the basic ones to clear your concepts.
Focus on Basics
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Deciding on the optional subject beforehand will help you start finer.
Determine the Optional Subject
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The UPSC exam is not only about academic knowledge but your personality too.
Focus on Personality Development
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