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Tamil Nadu Class 12th Maths Exam: 7 Tips to Solve Paper on Time

Stressing over how to complete your paper on time? Here’s a pause for you! These time-tested tips will help you solve your 12th Maths paper on time.
Do give the first 15 minutes to reading the question paper thoroughly. Tick the familiar questions.
1. Reading-Time
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Start with the easiest section. Once you can solve a few questions, it will boost your confidence and set the tone for the rest of the paper.
2. Be Confident
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When starting with a section, move to the next one only after completing that one. Refrain from intermixing the sections.
3. Keep Sections Intact
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Give only the allotted time to any question. Leave space for the questions that seem tricky. Get back to those after finishing the rest of the paper.
4. Time is Crucial
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Keep the nervousness at bay. You have revised enough, and you know it all.
5. Do Not Stress Unnecessarily
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Be consistent with the speed as well as the accuracy. Do not run too fast or lag with one question for long.
6. Consistency in Speed
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Keep 15 minutes for reviewing your paper. Check thoroughly for any missed-out questions.
7. Review Time
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Want more? Go through the GMU link for more tips to help you solve the Maths paper on time.
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