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Strategies to Crack UPSC IFS and CSE Simultaneously

Read through to know the tips, tricks, and strategies for cracking UPSC IFS and CSE.
The IFS is one of the Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC for the recruitment officers at the All India level by the Government of India.
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The CSE is a national competitive examination in India conducted by the UPSC for recruitment to higher Civil Services.
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Read through to learn the strategies that are helpful in preparation for both exams.
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The preliminary exam is common for both exams. Candidates can take advantage of the overlapping topics to score high in both exams.
Common Strategy
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Reading newspaper is very important when you're preparing for CSE and UPSC.
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The Self-made notes are of great importance in the success of both CSE and IFS, best for quick revision.
Self Made Notes
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Practicing mock for both exams in a time-bound will be very helpful in scoring higher marks.
Practice Mocks
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Try to go with the common optional subject for both the exams UPSC CSE and UPSC IFS.
Optional Subjects
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