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Steps to take JEE Main Mock Test

Candidates must practice the mock tests and here are the steps to take the JEE Main Mock Test
Free online JEE Main mock tests has been released by NTA. Mock tests are one of the main factors that helps candidates prepare productively & get used to the exam structure.
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JEE Main Mock Test
First step is to open the official website - nta.ac.in/Quiz
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Step 1
From the drop-down menu, select the JEE Main Exam and the Paper that you need to take up.
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Step 2
Click on the' Login' to proceed with the mock test.
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Step 3
Candidates will now see all the instructions of the exam. Read through carefully.
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Step 4
Click on the Proceed button and the test will begin.
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Step 5
Good Luck Everyone! To know more and get latest updates, check out the GMU page.
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