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6 Steps To Become a Data Scientist

Here are the top steps on how to become a data scientist and the best recruiter in the industry.
A Data Scientist determine the correct data and set variable, also identify the data-analytics problems that offer the greatest opportunities to the organization.
Data Scientist: Overview
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Data scientist requires a broad knowledge foundation in a related topic. This could be in the fields of math, engineering, statistics, data analysis, programming, or IT
Develop the Right Data Skill
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Learn the fundamentals, display and present data using a data science toolbox, including special software like visualization programs like Tableau and others.
Data Science Fundamentals
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Data Scientists need to be familiar with a statistical programming language like Python, R, or Hive, and query languages like SQL, and also learn open-source Jupyter Notebook
Key Programming Languages
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After learning the programming languages and digital tools, try practicing your newly acquired skills and building them out even more. Work on projects requiring the use of a variety of skills.
Develop Practical Data Skills
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Keep a journal showcasing your technical expertise. Your data should be supported with an engaging story that illustrates the issues you've resolved, and the innovative actions you've made.
Build a Portfolio
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The area of data science encompasses a wide range of jobs. People specialize in a variety of subfields, including Data Engineers, Data Analyst, Machine learning Engineers, and others.
Apply to Data Science Jobs
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HCL Technologies, Hexaware Technologies, Honeywell, Gramener, HP, IBM, JP Morgan are some of the top companies that are hiring data scientist globally
Companies Hiring Data Scientists
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