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Score 99 Percentile in CAT 2022

Read through to know how to improve your chances of getting 99 percentile in the CAT.
The Common Admission Test (CAT) is India’s most prestigious national-level entrance exam for getting into top management institutes.
All About CAT
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A candidate should have completed an undergraduate degree with a minimum of 50%.
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Read through to know the plans and strategies that help score 99 percentile.
Plan & Strategies
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Candidates should make a plan on the strategy of targeting a particular score range in the exam from the very beginning.
Make a plan
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Students should give more and more mock tests. Also, a mock test gives the students an idea of the pattern of the actual CAT exam.
CAT Mock test
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It is all about how accurately a student solves a question and in the least time taken.
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You can determine which parts you are good at and which you still need to work on by monitoring your progress.
Analyse Your Progress
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