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Salary Structure for all SSC CGL Posts

Salaries in SSC CGL are based on different pay levels. Check out the post-wise salaries for various levels of pay.
SSC CGL Salary - Overview
SSC CGL salaries vary from INR 18,000 to INR 2,50,000, according to different posts. Besides the in-hand salary, candidates also get additional benefits and perks, like house rent, travel and dearness allowances.
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Pay Level-8
Payscale: INR 47,600 to 1,51,100
Grade Pay: INR 4,800 
Postings: Assistant Audit Officer, Assistant Accounts Officer
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Pay Level-7
Payscale: INR 44,900 to 1,42,400
Grade Pay: INR 4,600 
 Assistant Section Officer, Inspector of Income Tax, Assistant Enforcement Officer, Sub Inspector
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Pay Level-6
Payscale: INR 35,400 to 1,12,400
Grade Pay: INR 4,200 
Postings: Assistant, Divisional Accountant, Sub Inspector, Junior Statistical Officer, Statistical Investigator Grade-II
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Pay Level-5
Payscale: INR 29,200 to 92,300
Grade Pay: INR 2,800 
Postings: Auditor, Accountant, Junior Accountant
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Pay Level-4
Payscale: INR 25,500 to 81,100
Grade Pay: INR 2,400 
Postings: Senior Secretariat Assistant, Tax Assistant, Sub-Inspector, Upper Division Clerks
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SSC CGL Salary Allowances
House Rent Allowance: X Cities (24%), Y Cities (16%), Z Cities (8%)
Travel Allowance: Cities - INR 3,600, Other Places - INR 1,800
Dearness Allowance: (Current - 28%)
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