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Instructions for RRB Guwahati NTPC Typing test

The test has certain core details which the candidates must understand and abide by. Read through to know the test instructions.
The test would be conducted for levels 2 and 5 on October 8, 2022.
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RRB Guwahati NTPC Typing Test Date
Candidates must type a minimum of 300 words in English and 250 in Hindi.
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Word Limit
Hindi typing candidates must be acquainted with using Krutidev or Mangal font.
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Font for Hindi
The candidates would be required to write the given passage in 10 minutes.
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Test Duration
25 words per minute for Hindi
30 words per minute for English
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Qualifying Speed
Candidates who cannot successfully type the passage even once in the ten-minute duration, will be disqualified.
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Test Disqualification
5% of the total word count mistakes can be excused.
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Acceptable Error Rate
For more details about the RRB Guwahati NTPC Typing Test, visit the official GMU website!
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