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PTE Exam Fee

Looking to find out about the PTE Exam Fee? You're in the right place! Read on to get all details.
PTE exam fee for academic differs from region to region. It is not the same in China as in India.
Fees For Different Region
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Standard Test Fee is INR 13300 (INR 11,271 + 18% GST)
Late Booking Price is INR 13965 (including tax).
Fee For India
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The payment mode is online. All MasterCard, American Express and JCB credit cards and Visa debit cards are accepted. Paypal payment is not accepted.
Payment Method
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PTE exam is a computer-based English language test that offers candidates the straightforward, and flexible way of proving their English language proficiency for studying or immigrating abroad.
What Is PTE Exam?
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To find out all the information related to the PTE Exam, visit the GMU site today! Swipe up and explore more.
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