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JEE Main Last Minute Revision Plan

Last minute revision is always important. Read through to know the plan
You must develop a plan that thoroughly covers the entire syllabus in a timely manner. Assign equal weight to each of the three subjects. Therefore, divide the remaining weeks wisely.
Time Management
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Create a revision schedule for each chapter. You will be more comprehensive with the principles if you revise frequently. Make sure you mention all the necessary formulae and facts.
Clear Doubts
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Study selectively, regular revision and additional attention to chapters with a lot of weight will help you earn higher marks on the test.
Revise Important Topics
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Taking practice exams will increase your confidence and decrease your nervousness. On the official website, practice exams are accessible. You'll understand the exam format, scoring system, and question kinds.
Mock Test/Sample Paper
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50% of the JEE questions are straightforward, on average. When you notice a string of challenging questions in the paper, don't freak out. Avoid giving simple guesses because the exam has negative marking
Exam-Taking Skills
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Referring to the last minute revision notes . Each and every point in the notes is clear and intelligible, making it easier for you to understand the ideas in lesser time.
Revision Notes
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