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Preparation Tips for SBI PO 2022 Mains: Check Exam Syllabus

Are You Preparing For The SBI PO Exam 2022? Find Some Considerate Preparation Tips As Per The Syllabus Here!
The SBI PO Mains Exam will be conducting in the next year, i.e., 2023. However, the prelims was conducted from Dec17-20, 2022. The SBI PO Mains exam will be conducted in online mode, with both objective and subjective type questions.
SBI PO Mains Exam 2022
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Objective Type:
1. Reasoning and Computer Aptitude
2. Data Analysis and Interpretation
3. Economy and Banking Awareness
4. English Language

Subjective Type:
1. English Language 

SBI PO Topics
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After understanding the syllabus and the topics included in the SBI PO Mains exam, candidates are advised to start preparing for the upcoming exam. These evergreen tips will help you complete the syllabus with ease. 

Effective Preparation Tips
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List down all the topics included in each of the subjects. This detailing of the syllabus will help you reach out to each and every topic, without missing any. Sometimes, in stress, aspirants tend to miss out topics.

Having Section-Wise Topics Listed
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Yes! Once the list of all the topics is created, keep crossing out the topics as you cover them. This technique will help you cover the syllabus in a professional and scrubbed way.
Having a Checklist
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Yes, you head it right! Generally, we are told to avoid taking pressures, especially during exam preparation. But having a positive pressure will help the aspirants cover up the syllabus and revise things on time.
Take Pressure
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The SBI PO Mains exam has two papers in the same day with a set time duration of 210 minutes. In this case, candidates are advised to practice mock tests with time limit to manage time in the exam hall.
Practice Time Management
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We often penalize our sleep and comfort while preparing for exams, specially when nearer to exam dates. But remember, 'a healthy mind stays in a healthy body.' Take good sleep and relax yourself for the mind to function smoothly.
Take Enough Rest
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