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Plan Now to Get 90% in UP Boards

Here are few tips and ticks on how you can score 90% in UP Boards.
The early bird catches the worm, same as the proverb, if you don't start early, you will not set in with the syllabus.
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Start Early
Break down what needs a priority and what can be concluded later. Create a schedule chart for studies to be better organized.
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Prepare A Schedule
Practice writing a neat and clean paper as these carry grace marks which can become an advantage during the exam.
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Learn Cleanliness
Subjects like Physics, Maths, Chemistry, and Grammar require constant practice, so make a point to keep an hour for them separately.
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Practice Maketh Man Perfect
Download and buy mock papers, as it will help you navigate the questions and how to answer them during your boards.
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Mock Papers
Last 5 years' solved questions can help grasp the board exam question pattern, which is crucial for time management.
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Previous Years Solved Questions
You can score a 90% on your paper by using these essential skills. Calculation and SWOT division will
help in tme management.
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Practice Time Management
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