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OUAT Dress Code 2022

It is adivsed to be always properly dress for any examination you appear. Here is the dress code for OUAT 2022.
What is OUAT?
It is a university level exam organized by Orissa University for admission to UG, PG and Diploma related to Agriculture and Technology.
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Dress Code
Although no formal guidelines are there regarding the attire of students appearing for OUAT. But there are few things they should follow:
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No Electronics Device
No electronics device are allowed within the premises and also in the examination hall.
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No Scribbled Paper
Students should check their pockets for any piece of paper and dump them before entering the premises.
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No Belts or Shoes
Candidates are not allowed belt or shoes inside the examination center.
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Smart Attire
Students are expected to be present in smart and appropriate attire. Any piece of clothing with with objection depiction will be asked to remove.
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Students are requested to maintain decency and carried out appropriate attire. To know more about OUAT and its important dates, get into GMU.
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