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OJEE Exam Date 2022

Here is a quick run down for what is OJEE Exam and the OJEE Exam date 2022
After taking the OJEE exam 2022, candidates can get admission into the top private and government institutions of Odisha.
What is OJEE Exam 2022?
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Special OJEE 2022 registrations began on Aug 1, 2022 and were open until Aug 7, 2022.
Exam Registration
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The examination is scheduled to be held in the last week of Aug or the first week of Sept.
Expected OJEE Exam Dates 2022
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OJEE counselling 2022 will commence on Aug 10, 2022.
OJEE Counseling 2022
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To know more about the OJEE Exam 2022, visit the GMU website
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