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OJEE 2022 Preparation Tips

Preparing for OJEE 2022? Lost in the chaos of advices. Let us help you in getting the break down and putting the right ounces of prep for the examination.
Keep in mind that minor changes may occur that are not widely publicised. A thorough investigation is advised.
Research the Syllabus
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Break down what you want to study first, what should come after it, and how many hours to devote. Remember to take breaks in between to relax your mind and your body.
Make Schedule
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Take notes and advice from seniors, listen to what they have to say about their experiences, and ask questions about protocol, topics, mock sessions, and topics. It may provide you with useful information.
Consult with seniors

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Mock exam sessions are the best way to familiarise yourself. It can determine how far you have progressed and what additional preparations are required to pass the exam.
Take mock exams

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Revision is the best way to stay familiar. The entire exam is an assessment of how far you have studied up to this point. So go back and revise from a year ago, take some time off, and break down what you need to revise.

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Students can use reference books to ensure that they can practice effectively. These can prove too be a long term investment as reference books are a valueable insight towards the syllabus.
Invest In Reference Books

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