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NSP Scholarship 2022-23 : Check Last Date

Read through to know when and how to apply for NSP Scholarships
The government has launched the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) to provide easy access to scholarships and equal education opportunities to all students.
What is NSP?
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NSP aims to increase transparency and prevent the misappropriation of scholarship funds.
Objective Of NSP
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Students can apply for various scholarship schemes by or before October 31, 2022.
Last Date to Apply
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Follow the upcoming application process steps for the scholarships on the NSP portal 2.0.
How to Apply for NSP
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The applicants should first check if their institutions are available on the NSP 2.0 portal.
Step 1
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Register on the NSP Portal 2.0 and save the provided login ID and password.
Step 2
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Login to the NSP portal and change password with OTP provided on mobile.
Step 3
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Apply for NSP Scholarship by filling in the application form.
Step 4
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The applicants can track the NSP payment status on a different portal called the PFMS portal.
NSP Payment Tracking
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For more details about the NSP scholarships, visit the official GMU website!
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