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NIFT Exam Two-Week Study Plan

Wondering how to crack the NIFT Exam with two week study plan? Here are quick tips to run through.
Break Down the Syllabus and Exam Pattern
The first thing to do is break down the syllabus into what needs to be focused on and what can be done later.
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Highlight Important Parts
Highlight the parts that require crucial attention when studying. Keep them a top priority during two - week study plan.
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Make a proper schedule for the study plan and follow it rigorously. This way, you can understand how much is left to cover and how much you can cover.
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Make Notes
The notes you make will serve as a handy reference for quick revision. This will be useful, particularly in the weeks leading up to the test.
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Remember to make time for continuous revision of all the study materials. This will help you retain what you may have forgotten or confused about during your studies.
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Meditation and Rest
Make sure to get plenty of rest during these weeks. Also, to boost your concentration, meditate as much as you can.
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Refer to Previous Years Question
Download previous years' questions from the internet and use them to navigate what kind of question has been repeated often and to practice being familiar with exam patterns.
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Hone Skills
Make sure to hone your creativity skills, such as sketching, rendering, and drawing geometrical objects, along with your observation and visualization skills.
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