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NEET PG 2023: Last Minute Revision Tips

Know The Important Last Minute Revision Points For NEET PG 2023.
Prepare Timetable
Candidates should prepare a timetable based on important topics for last-minute revision. They should ensure that high-weightage topics are included for revision.
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Flash Cards
Remember to have a glance through the flashcards with important points prepared at the time of preparations for NEET PG 2023.
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No New Topics
Make sure that new topics are not included while last-minute revision. Starting with new topics at the last minute can lead to confusion.
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Mock Tests
Candidates should attend as many mock tests as possible. This can help candidates improve their speed and accuracy while attending the real examination.
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Candidates should be conscious about their health. They should not compromise their health due to an aggressive study time table.
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Sample Papers
Candidates should attend a maximum number of sample papers and previous year's question papers. This can help them revise as many questions as possible and know the examination pattern thoroughly.
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Candidates should ensure proper sleep at least a few days before the exam. Proper sleep will help in remembering concepts easily. Sleep helps in avoiding tiredness and is refreshing.
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Confidence, Calmness and Concentration
Candidates should be confident with their preparation as this can help them concentrate and attend the exam calmly.
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