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NEET 2023: Check Postcard/Passport Size Photo Guidelines

Take a Look at These Guidelines Regarding Photo Size For NEET 2023.
National Eligibility Entrance Test is conducted for candidates who wish to pursue MBBS and medical-related courses in India.
What is NEET?
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NEET Passport size photo (size 10 KB to 200 KB). Post card photo Size for NEET (4”x6”) (Size 10 KB to 200 KB)
Photo Requirements For NEET
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Take a look at a few specifications regarding uploading the photo:
Specifications To Upload
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Candidates must have clicked the NEET photo on or after Jan 1, 2023.
Step 1
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NEET Passport size photo with Name and Date of the photograph clicked.
Step 2
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Candidates must not wear caps and goggles in the passport and postcard size photograph for NEET.
Step 3
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NEET Photo must focus on 80% face coverage, with visible ears and other features on a white background.
Step 4
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NEET photographs do not need to be attested. NTA has advised candidates to keep 6 to 8 Nos. of Passport size photos for NEET 2023 and 4 to 6 NEET post card size photographs on white background.
Step 5
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Read through the GMU article to know more about NEET 2023.
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