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NATA 2022 Preparation Tips

NATA 2022 can be cracked easy-peasy. Read through to know the preparation tips .
Candidates must study the preparation books everyday and keep themselves updated. There is nothing that can replace hardwork!
Practice Everyday
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Preparation process must be well planned with a proper schedule. 5-6hrs of study per day is essential and have a balance on all components.
Prepare a Timetable
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Before the preparation, candidates must know the syllabus well. This will help out in making a proper study plan.
Know the Syllabus
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Solving mock tests and sample papers will help in time management as well as boost the level of condidence.
Attend Mock Tests
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Allot a couple of weeks in prior for regular revisions. This will help the candidates in remembering all the topics prepared.
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To know more about NATA 2022, visit GMU page !
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