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MPSC Exam Date 2022

Waiting to apply for MPSC? Checking for exam dates? Let us run you through.
The MPSC is a body established by the Indian Constitution under article 315 to choose Group "A" and Group "B" civil servants for the Indian state of Maharashtra based on the candidates' qualifications and the laws governing reservation.
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What is MPSC?
Secondary Inspector
Industry Inspector
Tax Assistant Clerk – Typist (English)
Clerk – Typist (Marathi)
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What are the Vacancies for MPSC?
The MPSC has two exams: The Prelims and the Mains. Let us look the each of the exam dates:
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What are MPSC Exam dates?
The Prelims will be conducted on August 21, 2022.
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MPSC Prelims 2022
The Mains is expected to be conducted on December 21, 22 and 23, 2022.
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MPSC Mains 2022
To find out more about MPSC and other government examination, you check out the Sarkar page of GMU for latest update.
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