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Most Scoring Topics In JEE Main Physics

Physics is all about logic and concepts! Sometimes it gets difficult to score. Read onto to know more about the high-scoring subjects in physics!
Electrostatics is a very long but an easy topic. Mostly three to four questions are asked about this topic every year.
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This is a small topic but is very scoring. Questions from topics like the colour code of resisters, Ohm’s Law, etc., are frequently asked in the JEE Main exam.
Current Electricity
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Electro magnetic induction and alternating current are easy topics and important for JEE Main. One to two questions are asked from these two topics each year.
Electro-magnetic Induction and Alternating Current Electricity
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These are very small and scoring topics. One question is usually asked from each of these topics in JEE Main. So, you should not skip these as they can easily score 16-20 marks.
Semiconductor & Electronic Devices, Communication, Units & Dimensions, Measurement of Error, Instruments.
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